A Formal Class By Registration Only 

A Deeper Understanding of the Quran: Select lessons from two amazing Arabic books by prominent scholars brought to you English – Inquiries in Quranic Studies by Sh. Manaa’ Al-Qattan and How should we Interact with the Illustrious Quran? by Sh. Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

You will develop a thorough understanding of the Quran as we comment on and answer questions about its nature, essence, its themes, miracles, structure, makki vs. madani, style, methods of convincing, system of self-help/character refinement, how it was compiled, its uniqueness, its objectives, the clear & ambiguous, systems of legislation, tafsir, circumstances of revelation etc…

This class will have a booklet with handouts with room for note taking studied in a classroom setting.

Time: During Ramadan, Every Sunday, After Thuhr 1:45-3:45 

Payment Amount: $40 for the month per person.

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