Thank you for wanting to join the MCC 11 to 13 years old Youth Group!

Programs will be Saturday’s at 3 – 5 p.m.


MCC youth groups are an essential aspect of developing our mission, vision and core values. It is our goal to provide weekly, monthly and yearly programs for children and youth ages 6 – 17.  To learn more about MCC’s mission, vision and core values click here: 


PARENTS WE NEED YOUR HELP: If a parent volunteers for one of our children’s youth meetings (ages 6-13) then we’ll waive your last month’s fee for one child.  Please note that you must volunteer at the regular youth meetings at MCC not community service events or field trips in order to qualify for the one month waived fee discount and must sign up at the same time as registration. You can volunteer up to a maximum of 3 times per child. For example: if you have two kids, you may volunteer for a max of 6 youth meetings and get 3 months waived for each child. Click here to sign up to volunteer and GET YOUR CHILD’S FEE WAIVED!

Questions? Please email:


Policies & Procedures

For the purpose of these policies, caregiver means the minor’s parent or legal guardian, or the adult who the parent/guardian has entrusted with the care of his or her child.
  1. By signing this form, a parent/guardian is giving permission for his or her child to participate in any event offered by our Children’s and/or Youth program. 
  2. If a child is hurt, the caregiver will be notified immediately if any first aid is required. If the injury is life threatening, the teacher will ensure that emergency services and the caregiver are notified immediately. In all other circumstances, the caregiver will be notified directly after the event/class/worship service, as appropriate. In all cases, an accident report will be completed with one copy to the caregiver and the other to the leader of the Children’s and Youth Ministry. 
  3. Children must be picked up on time without exception to respect the volunteer’s time but if you are more than 10 minutes late, the parent/guardian will get a warning the first time. If it happens again then there will be a late fee of $10 and it will need to be paid before the next program. 
  4. For safety reasons, no child is allowed to be left unattended at MCC outside of scheduled programs and activities.
  5. If your child misses more than three consecutive weeks without a reasonable excuse, we reserve the right to give their place to a child on the waitlist to be fair. 
  6. Communication about youth group events will be done mostly by whatsapp, there will be a Whatsapp group for each specific age group. We ask that parents only post questions and comments relevant to the youth group only.
  7. Children who exhibit disruptive behavior will be taken outside the classroom and advised to improve his/her behavior and will have consequences of future disruptions explained to them. The group leader will collaborate with students to create their own group rules and consequences (e.g. warning, 10 minutes outside the classroom with a mentor, discussion with parents). If the child continues to behave in a disruptive manner, the child’s caregiver will be notified.  
  8. The parent/ legal guardian agrees to provide proof of age upon request.
  9. In the event that we have a field trip, we may ask for a small charge to cover the cost.
  10. Parents must be with child/children during any outings (field trips, community service, etc.)


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