Please visit the below links to understand more about Islam.

  • Universal Theology – God, Exalted Above and Beyond anything we can imagine, created and possesses total power over everything including space and time. Read more about Universal Theology
  • The Purpose Of Life – Why are we here? We exist to know God and live for His will rather than one’s own selfish ego and desire. Read more about the purpose of life
  • Creeds and Rites – Read about the pillars of the rites and creeds in Islam
  • Muhammad – Peace and Blessing be upon Him – Read more about Muhammad (PBUH), the prophet of Islam
  • Our Calling – What was the transformation of the people and what does the religion bring to the world?
  • Jihad – Clearing the misconception about Jihad
  • Fatwa Bank – A List of Fatwas on various issues