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Imam John Ederer

Imam John Ederer embraced Islam in 1998 in Tulsa, OK after reading a translation of the Quran. He felt Quran confirmed, clarified and completed the truth that he already believed from the Bible. In 2002 he started a 7 year journey seeking the sacred sciences of Islam. He studied formally at Islamic American University in Michigan and the Diwan center in Egypt where he attained a degree of mastery in Arabic. He spent five years studying classical texts with prominent scholars in Egypt and Kuwait. He was blessed to attain a license in the memorization and recitation of the Quran while in Kuwait as well. Imam John worked with the Islam Presentation Committee and the Ministries of Justice and Religious Affairs while in Kuwait promoting religious both intra and inter-faith dialogue. He returned to America in 2009 to start his career as a full time Imam at the Islamic Foundation of South Florida and he is currently the Imam of the Muslim Community Center of Charlotte. Imam John was blessed to sit with scholars and mentors from various backgrounds and schools of thought and is permanently an avid student of the sacred sciences. He believes the Muslim Community globally is in need of a revival of the character and priorities of our beloved Prophet. He believes the scholars must emphasize the principles and objectives of Islamic Theology to overcome cultural stagnancy and decadence that plagues us. He is a proponent of a moral alliance of common good among people of scriptural morality to address widespread social and political corruption.

Imam John has written extensively for –  and is an avid believer and dynamic preacher that the Muslims are in great need of embracing revivalist reform in order to solve our problems. This means that we are to be intellectual in our spirituality and that Islam is in its mainstream traditional form fully modernity capable.

A Message from the Imam

I pray you all be showered with God’s Peace, Blessings and Eternal Mercy. Islam is about an intimate connection with The Divine Truth. This means we must humble ourselves in our many imperfections and seek the help, guidance and forgiveness of God, The Perfect and Exalted. We have to be ready to struggle and strive for the betterment of our mind, body and soul as individuals, families and society. We live in a time in the world where socio-political and economic realities are filled with oppression and corruption. Truth is often seen as falsehood and vice versa. It takes work and sacrifice to reject materialism, embrace altruistic spirituality and build a coalition of social morality. Are you in???

Imam John Ederer 

Imam & Religious Director

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Twitter: imamjohnederer

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