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MCC Islamic Resources

Imam John Ederer

Imam John Ederer embraced Islam in 1998 in Tulsa, OK after reading a translation of the Quran. He felt Quran confirmed, clarified and completed the truth that he already believed from the Bible. In 2002 he started a 7 year journey seeking the sacred sciences of Islam

Dr. Hadia Mubarak

Dr. Mubarak is an assistant professor of Religious Studies at Queens University, where she teaches courses on women and gender in Islam, Islam and Modernization and reading sacred texts. She previously served as a research fellow with the New York Abu Dhabi Research Institute in the Humanities (2017-2018)
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Fatwa Bank

See a variety of fatwas in categories such as Worship, Beliefs, Law, Culture, and Authenticity of Hadiths.

Recorded Lectures

Watch previous Quran Tafseers, Friday Sermons, & General Lectures from MCC.

Specific Topics

Learn More About Islam

Universal Theology

God, Exalted Above and Beyond anything we can imagine, created and possesses total power over everything including space and time. Read more about Universal Theology

Purpose of Life

Why are we here? We exist to know God and live for His will rather than one’s own selfish ego and desire. Read more about the purpose of life

Creeds & Rites

Read about the pillars of the rites and creeds in Islam

Muhammad - Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him

Read more about the Prophet of Islam.

Our Calling

What was the transformation of the people, and what does the religion bring to the world.


Clearing the Misconceptions of Jihad.

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