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Why Are We Here?

Purpose of Life

Why are we here? We exist to know God and live for His will rather than one’s own selfish ego and desire..

I have only created Jinn and Humanity to serve Me.” (51:56)

Humanity is the only part of creation consciously aware of the beauty and complexity of creation. We were meant to connect to the divine through introspection as well as looking into the world around us. Thus we become aware of God’s presence-

“We will show them Our signs in the world around as well as in themselves so that it will become clear that this is the truth.” (41:53)

Our awareness of our purpose preceded our physical conception.

“Remember when your Lord took a covenant from all souls of the progeny of Adam asking them, ‘Am I not your Lord’ to which they all replied, ‘Yes we bear witness!’ This is lest they say on the Day of Judgment, We were unaware of that.” (7:172)

God gave everything consciousness and asked which of creation would accept the burden of conscious freewill.

“Indeed We offered the trust of accountability for one’s choices to all of the heavens, the Earth and the mountains. They all declined worrying about the consequences of failure. The human being accepted the weighty offer and indeed since doing so mankind has been unjust and ignorant.” (33:72)

Many individuals believe we don’t deserve the challenge of accountability that accompanied our creation since we cannot consciously remember embracing it. Such people would never reject the enjoyment existence can offer, but one can only appreciate pleasure after having experienced pain. Life serves a dual purpose as a test from God and a sample of how the hereafter could feel. We pass by affirming God’s oneness and implementing His will despite the world’s attractions. Although failure may mean an unimaginably severe punishment after death, God, whose mercy is unmatched, has promised the successful everlasting reward. Our moral awareness warrants our evaluation, and no amount of misery can rival a sublime eternity.

“I swear by My fashioning of the human soul and inspiring it to that which will destroy it as well as that which will protect it. Truly the one who purifies their soul has succeeded and the one who neglects it has ultimately failed.” (91:9)

Those seekers of God who are sincere, humble, benevolent, patient and trustworthy will succeed. Those who are arrogant, selfish, oppressive and corrupt will fail.

“Each soul shall taste death. We will test you with hardships and blessings and in the end you will return to Us.” (21:35)

(All unspecified quotes are taken from the English translation of the Quran.)

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