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Public Records

By Laws

As a Governing Document, Bylaws in a nonprofit organization are a set of rules and guidelines that outline the internal governance structure, operations, and procedures of the organization. They serve as a legal document that establishes the framework for how the nonprofit is managed and operated.

Certificate of Existence

A "Certificate of Existence" is a document that confirms the legal existence and good standing of a business entity, including nonprofit organizations. It serves as official proof that the organization has been properly formed, registered, and is in compliance with the requirements of the jurisdiction where it operates.

Policies and Procedures

MCC operates as an organization, meaning we use procedures and policies to promote clarity, consistency and compliance with federal and state law. Please take a moment to review any relevant policies and procedures here.

Board Meeting Votes

In an effort to promote transparency and regular documentation, MCC of Charlotte maintains a record of all Board Decisions and votes. For most recent records, email our historian at
[email protected]

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