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Begin Your Journey on This Sacred Path

Step 2: Scout your Options

Step 3: Express Interest

Email [email protected] with the 4 Digit ID of the person or person(s) that you are interested in getting to know better. 


Subject: CMP ID#____ (Your ID)


Salaam! I am interested in getting to know AZ92, SK98 and ZK12 more. 


We will reach out to that person with your profile ID so they can review it as well. 

If both agree to meet, we will invite you to meet at MCC in a private one on one! 

NOTE: All Rooms at MCC have cameras equipped with audio and visual technology. Meetings should be held with this in mind to ensure that participants exhibit best manners!

Step 4: Dig Deeper

So, After the Meetup you feel like this could be the one?

First, Purchase a copy of this book. 

"Before You Tie the Knot: A Guide for Couples" by Mohamed Hag Magid and Salma Elkadi Abugideiri

Use the book as a guide to have critical and meaningful conversations with your potential spouse. This helps you get to know them better, helps them understand you more, and prevents talks that can be less than productive. 

Step 5: Pre-Marital Counseling

Once you feel confident in each other, schedule a meeting with Imam John Ederer to confirm your intentions, choose a Wedding Date and get advice on how to prepare for this next chapter of life together. 

Email Imam’s Assistant to schedule the meeting: [email protected]

That's It!

May Allah grant you a spouse that is the coolness of your eyes, comfort of your heart and companion to Heaven.

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