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Membership Commitment

As members of the Muslim Community Center we are required to:

- Attend as many educational programs as we can.
- Engage in volunteer work internally and externally.
- Give sincere advice to leaders and members when applicable.
- Attend General Assembly Meetings
- Commit to a monthly donation within means to contribute towards the establishment and infrastructure of MCC.

This is in living out the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah,

"Hold firm to the rope of God all of you together and do not be divided.... There must be a nation among you calling to all that is good, promoting upright morality, and standing against immorality. It is those who are successful." (3:103 - 104)

From the last advices of the Prophet (pbuh), " You must stick to the congregation and I warn you from detachment as Satan is close to the longer and he is further from two believers who stick together. Whoever wants the bliss of paradise must stick with the congregation. (Tirmidhi 2165)

In becoming a member of the MCC family, you must commit (and family if applicable) to abide by the MCC By-Laws, upholding a promoting our mission and vision according to our core values with time, wealth, and skills to best of your ability.

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