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The Muslim Community Center of Charlotte is a center for worship, learning, socializing and community service. Each of our committees work to provide the highest quality volunteer and engagement opportunities possible for everyone in the Greater Charlotte Area. Check out the mission statements and then click on each icon to read more about the committees and the work that we do. 
Education Team
To equip all members of the community with the knowledge and confidence to live in accordance with the Quran and Prophetic Tradition. Talk to us about Sunday school, Adult classes and more.
Facilities Team
To preserve an attractive, inviting and safe environment for our community to worship, play and learn. Talk to us about renting equipment or space for an event.
Finance Team
To promote growth and stability for our organization in the long term by recruiting sponsors, fundraising and grant writing. Talk to us about creative fundraising or event sponsorship.
Recruitment Team
To recruit, guide and nurture talented individuals in high quality volunteer and employment opportunities at MCC. Talk to us about jobs, volunteering and HR topics.
Team Connect
To build and maintain collaborative partnerships with diverse organizations, uniting forces to address shared challenges and create a stronger, more supportive community. Talk to us about political advocacy, public speaking and MCC Ambassador program.
Team Compassion
To provide the fundamental calling of Islam. We are charged with working for the best interest of the community through service and charity. We also manage distribution of Zakat. Talk to us about financial aid, service projects and charity distribution.
Green Team
To educate and organize our community toward the conservation of the Earth through mission driven projects and initiatives. Talk to us about sustainable practices and volunteer opportunities.
Programs Team
To plan relevant, engaging, welcoming and diverse programs that foster a healthy community dynamic and personal growth for all ages. Talk to us about sports, youth, adult and family programs.
Marketing Team
To create innovative and impactful marketing campaigns that inspire others to join us in our mission to serve and uplift society. Talk to us about social media, YouTube, advertising and communications.
Membership Team
To develop a tight knit and diverse family of sincerely dedicated believers, inspired by the Prophetic Mosque through Small Group Fellowship.
Technology Team
To Manage Setup, Troubleshooting, Upgrades for anything that is Technology or Connected to the Network at MCC.
Religious Advisory Team
To provide guidance and scriptural context for any program or event that involves preaching, teaching or guiding others to Islam. Talk to us about planning Nikkah, religious discussions or religious presentations at MCC.

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