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The Active Arm

Team Compassion

Team Compassion aims to be MCC’s active arm to hoping to fulfill the fundamental calling of Islam. We are charged with working for and serving the best interests needs of the community. We would like our time and money to go to projects designed to relieve poverty, oppression, racism, xenophobia, illiteracy, etc… In essence, we wish to be a supportive family to our fellow Charlotteans, especially those who are struggling.


We will support the needs of our community through individual and collaborative efforts to actualize this truth that defines God, His messenger, and the message of Islam. For further clarity on the ultimate calling of Islam click here. 


It is only through establishing a strategy for institutional compassion not just for Muslims, but as the prophet Muhammad said,


“You will not be true believers until you interact with others in compassion. His companions responded, But we are compassionate!? He responded it is not true compassion when it is just toward you family or friends. Rather true compassion is toward everyone!” (Majma’ Al-Zawa’id 8/189)
If you would like to volunteer for Team Compassion or join the committee please email [email protected]

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